Devoted in state-of-the-art and innovative electronic gaming
platforms development

About us

JGT (Johnsons Gaming Technology LTD) was founded on 2016 by a couple of veteran managing leaders in the industry, with a talented development team that recruits almost a full spectrum of highly-skilled engineers in information technology. Our goal is to design various new and satisfaction-guaranteed products for our customers


The entire Johnsons Gaming Technology service tasks are to provide the zero-fault solutions and a real-time technical support, our team will keep moving forward to the goal of sustainability and reliability till we are the top notch of the world.

Human Resource

The Johnsons Gaming Technology team was built by a group of international people that are skilled in information technology and game design, focus on O2O (On-line to off-line) virtual entertainment integration, they are determined to be the best with positive and aggressive attitudes for their careers.


We take advanced technology for granted the core competency of an information technology, so Johnsons Gaming Technology will keep allocating more and more human capital and supporting resources to maintain the sufficient energy of research and development.

Team working First,
we quest for excellence
and dare to be different.


Continuous improvement



Our service
Customized Software

Design the best software product for our customers.

Software Development and Maintenance

we guarantee our platform fulltime operability

Technical Support and Software Services

We provide the one-stop turnkey solutions for our customers.

“Johnsons is committed to professional
development platform for Innovation„

To ensure our customer running their business well, we help to build a powerful, reliable and scalable IT infrastructures, our professional support team will keep monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting any system potential threats and defects.

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Career in JGT
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We believe employee’s welfare is ultimately the cornerstone of a successful business, only the happy employees will be highly creative and proactive, for that with more free time in thinking to work out better solutions together. Join JGT, let’s unite as one family.

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